About Us

At Paws and Chill we pride ourselves in only supplying the highest quality nutritious treats and luxury items. 

When the van is out and about you can think of us as canine snack bar bringing Frozzys frozen yogurt for dogs, healthy and nutritious treats, luxury gifts, handmade collars and leads, toys and grooming products. 

Our aim is to choose our products carefully to ensure that they only have the best possible ingredients, enabling us to cater for more specific diets such as low fat and grain and gluten free. 

Our treats are designed either to give your dog something on a day out, offer a reward for good behaviour, just as a treat or something to take home to sample later. Lots of our treats are suitable for things like agility and obedience training too. 

When providing toys we look for things that will provide stimulation and brain training for dogs along with being hardwearing and value for money.

We also offer various hampers including for dogs for a new puppy, birthdays, Christmas or just because! 

Apart from the frozen yogurt all of these are now available on our brand new website. Thank you for coming to take a look! 

The Team

Angela - The Boss!
When Angela was made redundant after 30 years in the civil service it was a hot summers day in 2016 when she thought of the idea for an ice cream van for dogs. What she didn’t have in business knowledge she made up for in enthusiasm and drive, quickly registering the business, along with trade marking the name. After consulting with lots of other dog owners the suppliers were soon chosen and the design of the van underway with Angela designing the logo and sign writing herself. 

Angela has a Shar Pei called Ripley aged 7. He is a huge fan of helping pack up the hampers and snoozing the day away. His favourites are soft toys and testing how easy they are destroyed! 

Angela’s Daughter Morgan is an Engineer by trade whilst also having a degree in leadership and Management.  This is a great help with the business both with financial knowledge, marketing and customer service experience. Morgan has two dogs, Maverick a beagle aged 5 and Orla a Working Cocker Spaniel aged 2. Maverick loves nothing more than testing the new treats and retiring to his bed and Orla loves testing out all the new tennis balls and trying her hand at a bit of agility. She is also our van dog who accompanies us on our days out. Our resident crazy dog lady Morgan also takes a big interest in Doggie Nutrition and Training. 


Registered in England : 10441642. Registered Office : 340 Stanton Road, Burton upon Trent, DE15 9SF.